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[opensuse-buildservice] OBS Maintenance Process - How to release a maintenance update to different codestream?
Hello Everyone,

I've a question regarding OBS Maintenance Process: What is the best way to
re-release a maintenance update into a different codestream? What I mean to ask
is - a maintenance update released for codestream X needs to be released into
codestream Y with following conditions:

* Packages should not be rebuilt in codestream Y
* Binaries should not be signed again

I've written a script that does the following:

1. Run cmd=createmaintenanceincident on the Maintenance project to create a new
2. Create "patchinfo" package
3. Update patchinfo/_patchinfo
- based on a very slightly modified version of code taken from obs_admin
- enable build and publish manually (I'm yet to figure out how to create
proper hash for enabling these at the package creation time)
4. Branch Channel package - osc branch -M <Channels-prj> <channel-pkg>
5. Enable channel - osc enablechannel <maintenance-incident> <channel-pkg>
6. Upload / inject binaries and updateinfo.xml fetched from step 3 to
"patchinfo" package

What I found while talking to Adrian on IRC, I can't raise a release request
for such a maintenance incident because the API can't find a package other than
"patchinfo" in "succeeded" state. And even if I use _aggregates for these
packages, then also, I can't raise a release request because "patchinfo"
package is always "excluded" saying "no package enabled".

How do I go about re-releasing a maintenance update?


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