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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] osc copypac / linkpac -r broken?
well my specific goal in this particular case is to have mercurial 4.9.1
back, since devel:tools:scm has mercurial 5.0 now, but the tortoisehg
folks are their usually sluggish selves when it comes to releasing a
matching tortoisehg.

So I guess I'd link to the mercurial in factory instead?

...tried that, that did it. thanks for pushing me the right direction :)



On 15.06.2019 14:34, Marcus Hüwe wrote:

On 2019-06-15 14:21:51 +0200, Mathias Homann wrote:
am I just misunderstanding things, or is "osc copypac / linpac -r"
broken right now? The way I understand it, "osc linpac -r 200 blah blah
blubb" should link pacckage blah, revision 200, from project blah tpo
project blubb, right?


...what I get is a _link file that actually _says_ revision=200 but osc
up -e actually expands into the most current revision of the link target
instead of the one i want.

Is blah/blah a _link as well? If so and if you want to "fix" a specific
expanded state, you should use the corresponding expanded srcmd5 (xsrcmd5).
Alternatively, "osc copypac -e -r 200 blah blah blubb" might also work
(but this depends a bit on the structure of the blah/blah package and your
specific "goal").

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