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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] doesn't find some packages

Werner Flamme <werner.flamme@xxxxxx> writes:

This sounds like you are searching packages for a specific
distribution that you have selected in the dropdown menu. Right now,
targeting specific distributions will only return results if there is
an official release for that distribution. The package page does not
have that limit.

Not really. It does not matter whether I use "All Distributions" or
"15.0" or "Ubuntu" or whatever. Packages like "jitsi", "proxytunnel",
"srcpd" are not found.

That is weird, I can find those packages when I use "All Distributions". Does the site refresh when you select a different distribution? There is an open issue that seems to be the same problem as you describe. One thing that could help is to clear your cookies for the site or try it in a private browser window.

The searches work fine for other packages that are not component of the
distributions I search. Or do you mean, when a package belongs to one
distibution, it is found generally, not only when it's in the
distribution I'm looking for?

I meant package "foo" must be in Leap 15.1 to show up in the search for Leap 15.1, the distribution is part of the search query that software-o-o sends to the OBS API.
Could you give me an example of a package that is not in the official repositories of, let's say, Leap 15.1 BUT shows up as a result when Leap 15.1 is selected in the search drop down?

We had a discussion about two days ago at the
openSUSE Conference that was partly about the search function and how
it could be improved. This is something we want to change, but I don't
know how long it will take.

The behaviour has changed. I'm sure I pereviously found software
independent from it belonging to a core distro or not.

You can still find the software if you select "All Distributions". I don't know why you have problems with finding some packages, they show up for me.

When I go to <> and enter "proxytunnel" as a
search term, I get results all right. It should be possible to include
those results at software.o.o

Software-o-o only targets published software. OBS search includes results of packages that fail to build or are not published. You are right that all the published rpms built on should be found via software-o-o and that is what we try to do. We are investigating other ways that don't (exclusively) use OBS API to see if that improves reliability of the search. However, as noted above, I don't get the same search results as you do.

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