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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How to manage a product with very frequent releases and no maintenance for each release
On Donnerstag, 6. September 2018, 18:24:56 CEST wrote Julio González Gil:
On jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018 17:34:58 (CEST) Neal Gompa wrote:
On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 10:34 AM Julio González Gil <jgonzalez@xxxxxxxx>
Two questions to ask here:

1. Is the intent to only maintain a single release series? If yes, do
you intend for seamless migration/upgrade to be possible?

This is more a question for Uyuni-devel, but the list is still not created,
I will give a short answer here:

We will not be doing maintenance of any version, the idea is having a rolling
release system (but with numbered versions, unlike Tumbleweed which doesn't
have numbering for the system itself AFAIK).

We intend to have migration paths and make the migration seamless as long as
the base system is not changed.

In those cases where the base system changes (i.e. Leap 42.3 to Leap 15.0),
there could be a special procedure to migrate, but it's yet to be defined.

what you need to decide is which versions you want to keep available.

If you have just one source revision you want to offer (even when maybe build
against multiple base distros) a single project is enough. People would
get updates from there automatically without any change. A Staging project
for testing might be a good idea then...

If you want to keep certain releases and these repositories should not
change you can just use the release mechanism and copy sources & binaries
to a new project/repo on each release from your devel project. But your
users would need to change repositories then.

If you want to support minor/patchlevel updates the OBS:Server:X.Y setup is a
good idea.
So your users need to change repositories only for major updates.

If you want to keep old binaries in the same repository to offer users
to downgrade, the classic distribution maintenance scheme is the right way.
Your users get latest version automatically, but can downgrade without touching
the repository config.


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