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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Docker KIWI Images no longer xzipped on internal OBS instance?
On Mon, Jul 09, 2018 at 08:38:08PM +0200, Johannes Kastl wrote:
on a internal customer OBS instance we noticed that KIWI docker images
(type=docker) are no longer xzipped, i.e. we get a uncompressed tarball.

I am still gathering all the details, but it seems like the last step in
KIWI (tar'ing up all directories) is correctly executed with -cJf
/path/to/docker/image.tar.xz, but after that I only see image.tar with
sha256sums and packages files.

We are not sure if this is related to the OBS update to 2.9.3, or if
this is something inside kiwi. But as the image definitions did not
change, this could only be due to some Prefers added to the prjconf, as
we noticed some more ambiguities for these images ("have choice for...").

No, that's by design, see commit bc95ffffdd24e1b66654d434c7b91ac61881a56b
in obs-build:

Uncompress kiwi generated containers

The layers in the tar ball are compressed anyway, so another
compression on top of that makes no sense and just slows things

Today I learnt that the old perl-kiwi can also create something that
it calls "docker container", but that's not a container by
todays standard. Thus I now added code so that the uncompression
is not done for containers created with the old perl-kiwi.


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