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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] What can cause this on a mirror site?

On 12/02/18 11:45, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Montag, 12. Februar 2018, 10:07:46 CET wrote Dave Plater:

On 12/02/18 10:38, Per Jessen wrote:
Dave Plater wrote:

On 12/02/18 09:37, Adrian Schröter wrote:
I know this should be reported to Tenet but it would help if I could
point out what could be the cause, especially because this is a
transient error.
Yes, it should be reported there. But you should tell them also what
exact HTTP error you see. You can find this in


files usually
Unfortunately zypper ref doesn't generate any log entries. This is a
missing repo file:

not found on medium. These files are in oss/repodata/.
I don't know if these files are synced in from the openSUSE server or
if they are supposed to be generated on the mirror.

Hi Dave,

everything is synced from openSUSE. The mirror is just a mirror.

So for some reason one particular file is intermittently missing the
sync and only coming back on the next sync.
What could cause this and if you were a Tenet admin, how would you
rectify this?

You have entered this mirror URL, directly?

So the repomd.xml on that mirror seems to refer this file, but it is not there.

There is a small chance that mirroring happend on bad timing, when this
repo just got updated. But not so likely, so I guess it is some other
problem (disk full, lost data, ...)

However, a mirror admin could avoid this disk by doing the classing two step
syncing... first update most content additionally and afterwards syncing again
using --delete..

Thanks, somehow this happens on average maybe once a month on frequently changed repos, they also mirror home: repos but I stopped using it for this reason.
I'll assume that it's bad timing and hold thumbs they can fix it.
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