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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS scheduler features
This is ping for "02/08/2017 19:05" e-mail.

On 10/08/2017 18:16, Oleg Ogurtsov wrote:

I installed a last version BSSolv from sources (0.13). And I saw a
worsening of work with my patches - increase in a build time of the

I meant perl-BSSolv.I tested with different versions of the perl-BSSlov library and concluded - versions above 0.30.0 (or 0.10 git-tag) break the scheduler algorithm with phases 1,2,3 for cyclic packages (%cycpass).
Packets don't wait the phase 3. And after the build, scheduler set up their immediately on the rebuild.
Please tell me if it is not so.

On 28/07/2017 18:29, Michael Schroeder wrote:

Hmm, I remember mailing with Pavel Kopyl from Samsung about improving
the handling of cycles. Is this related?

On 02/08/2017 19:05, Oleg Ogurtsov wrote:

I continued Pavel's work. At first he faced a problem of names and
solved it. I made optimization on the basis of his patch.

1. I think, Pavel's patch fix a problem with names. Although it significantly increases the build time, as in my case with linaro-gcc(relatively long build time).
The patch itself may worsen the performance, but it fixes problem in internal package names. So, in my opinion, it is significant for OBS.

On 28/07/2017 18:29, Michael Schroeder wrote:

I think the patch does way to much to implement this. My suggestion
from the mail thread was just to tweak the code so that non-cycle
packages come after the cycle ones, and then change the code so that
"$notready" is set of all cycle packages if one of them is

I'll check how much change that would be next week, we can then
discuss things further.On 02/08/2017 19:05, Oleg Ogurtsov wrote:
2. The code in changes the sequence of processing.
The code in adds a checking for non-cyclic packages - block
the build of package, if all cyclic packages are not ready.

2. The main idea - build non-cyclic packages and their dependencies only once. Changing the processing sequence is not enough. But changes in also do not guarantee the expected result. A project configuration may contain lines that exclude packages from list of expanded dependencies, because of Preinstall section.
It can do is added as an option to a project configuration - enabling/disabling.

Best regards,
Oleg Ogurtsov.

Samsung R&D Institute Russia,
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