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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] flapping build
The <arch> is the "hostarch=" parameter of the worker obtained from "osc api
/worker/_status" or it's arch of the failed build?

For example I got build for i586 failed while x86_64 build is ok (were on

Getting data on the worker of failed i586 build:
osc api /worker/_status|grep build34
<idle workerid="build34:1" hostarch="x86_64"/>
<idle workerid="build34:2" hostarch="x86_64"/>
<idle workerid="build34:3" hostarch="x86_64"/>
<idle workerid="build34:5" hostarch="x86_64"/>
<idle workerid="build34:6" hostarch="x86_64"/>
<building workerid="build34:4" hostarch="x86_64" project="Kernel:linux-next"
repository="standard" package="kernel-vanilla" arch="i586"

Getting sse flags:
osc workerinfo x86_64:build34:1 |grep sse

osc workerinfo x586:build34:1 |grep sse
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: remote error unknown worker
remote error: unknown worker

On 20.07.2017 12:43, Frank Schreiner wrote:
It is:


In the log you sent, you can find a line like

[ 0s] build36 started "build libosmocore_0.9.6.20170719.dsc" at Wed Jul 19
19:49:50 UTC 2017.

build36 is the host. Here you can find the arch (maybe there is a better
solution with osc - I don`t know)

and vm_num=1 is always a good idea. Normally the other VM`s should be the

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