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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] New package without _service is in state blocked: service in progress
On Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017, 08:17:53 CEST wrote Mathias Homann:
I have the same issue with a link to Network_Manager. "service is
running" but there is no _service in my package, only the _link. not
even a link diff (yet).

Yes, the servicedispatcher got stopped for some unknown reason.

Started again (>500 jobs to work on now).

I have added the servicedispatcher to our workerstatus (aka
now to avoid such a mistake in future.


On 21.06.2017 07:57, Olaf Hering wrote:
After creating a new prj and creating the first pkg in it, osc commit hangs
since hours:

# obs r -v home:olh:xen-4.9 libguestfs
openSUSE_Tumbleweed x86_64 blocked: service in progress

There are no _serivce files at all in the chain from the new pkg to the
actual source package.
What is OBS doing here? What I did was:

$ for i in libguestfs libguestfs-1.26 libvirt libvirt-python perl-Sys-Virt
qemu qemu-2.4 qemu-2.5 qemu-2.6 qemu-2.7 qemu-2.8 qemu-2.9 xen-logdirty
xen-tscinfo ; do osc mkpac $i ; obs cat -u home:olh:xen-4.8 $i _link >
$i/_link ; if pushd $i ; then osc ar ; osc commit -m _link _link ; popd ;
fi ; osc meta pkg -e home:olh:xen-4.8/$i ; osc meta pkg -e $i ; done
A libguestfs
~/work/obs/home:olh:xen-4.9/libguestfs ~/work/obs/home:olh:xen-4.9
A _link
Sending meta data...
Sending libguestfs
Sending libguestfs/_link
Transmitting file data
Committed revision 1.
Waiting for server side source service run



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