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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] openSUSE:Tools suddenly missing its Tumbleweed Repo?
ti., 28.03.2017 kl. 17.21 -0400, skrev Patrick Shanahan:

this is becomming //bikeshed//, but
to make it clear to everyone:
tumbleweed == factory:snapshot
tumbleweed != factory:standard

Yes, a very nice short (and correct) explanation.

but tumbleweed = factory is a *different* meaning.
tw is a "qualified" factory.

a tw user who does not understand the differenct will/can break his system
using factory:standard packages

That might happen yes.
However in the case of openSUSE:Tools it will not apply, since we know
it builds against snapshot.

The real issue is that users for whatever reason seem to think they
need to add massive amounts of devel repos to their TW install, just
because they can, and having repos named Tumbleweed seem to encourage
them to do this even more.
In my opinion discouraging this is a "good thing", but if users insists
on making problems for themselves, there is not much we can do.
Devel repos are (mainly) for development, and can and will break end-
users systems at various times unless they are careful with what they
install from them, no matter if they are named Factory, Tumbleweed or
"Super stable repo".

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