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[opensuse-buildservice] Questions about build workers (with some answers)
Hi all,

after my question the other day about builds in state "broken", I
realized I have a bunch of questions about build workers. Background:
I'm working on a private OBS instance that was setup by a colleague.
He's moving on, so I don't want to go running to him every time I have
an OBS question. Instead, I'm digging into the docs and the config files
and the source code, and running here when I get stumped.

Here are the questions I have come up with. (Incidentally, I have
already answered some of these myself by reading source code. I have not
found any answers in the manuals or with Google.)

Q1) What defines a build worker? A config file? Something in the
database? It just shows up, announces itself, and starts building? (A:
from reading /etc/init.d/obsworker, it looks like a variety of config
files in /etc, mostly /etc/sysconfig/obs-server, define the build
workers *on this host*.)

Q2) I have 4 build workers defined on my OBS server: are they
interchangeable, or do they all build for different targets? (A: from
/etc/init.d/obsworker plus config files, it looks very much like they
are interchangeable.)

Q3) How do I know which build targets (operating systems, architectures,
etc.) a given build worker -- or perhaps I should say, all the build
workers on a certain host -- can handle? IOW, why are my build workers
capable of building for Oracle Linux 7 and CentOS 7, but not Scientific
Linux 6.7? They are all on an openSUSE host, the OBS appliance.

Q4) How do I find out if I have any build workers that can handle a
given target, e.g. Scientific Linux 6.7?

Q5) Can I run i586 builds on an x86_64 machine? Or do I need a 32-bit
build host? (I only care about i586 and x86_64, so I should not need
anything fancier than a chroot for builds.)

Q6) How do I add a new build worker that can handle builds for
Scientific Linux 6.7?

Q7) How do I add new build workers on a separate host? Does that host
have to be running openSUSE, or will the worker run on any sufficiently
compatible OS? (Like, say, CentOS 7.) (A: oops, I just discovered the
Admin Guide. It was not very well hidden at all. I guess I'm just blind.
I'm hoping I will find the answer in there.)


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