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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Linking another package from within the same home project
On Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017, 23:07:14 CET wrote Sean V Kelley:
On Friday, January 20, 2017 7:43:04 AM PST Mathias Radtke wrote:
On 20.01.2017 05:15, Sean V Kelley wrote:
Hi, I have a question on OSC. I have two packages in my home: project on How do I set up a link or something so that when I build
package it knows to grab or link the other package from my home: project?


Home Project

Package 1 (built and online)
Package 2 (working on it locally)

So I have a BuildRequires in my SPECFILE for Package 2 and when I try to
do an osc build it complains that it can't find that package. So it is
looking in Factory but it should be looking in my home: project instead.
How do I add that to the second package so it knows where to look?

Is this related to adding a _link file to the Package 2?

You can build the package in your repository with a _link file
Heres an example of our local OBS instance with a link to the outside
<link project='' package='python-opsi'/>
Replace the repository after to the package repository you
want to link against and the packagename.
If you link on the official OBS instance you can remove the prefix

I had assumed that if I have a single project, then packages are available
automatically to other packages in that project. So I thought I did not have
to do anything explicitly.

My home project is:

The two packages are:

Libyami builds fine and I can see the stored packages:

The other package, libyami-utils, depends on Libyami, yet it consistently
fails to find the dependencies through the addition of BuildRequires in

BuildRequires : libyami
BuildRequires : libyami-devel

An OSC build always gives the error:

eanvk@linux-bend:~/dev/obs/home:seanvk/libyami-utils$ osc build
WARNING: package is not existing on server yet
WARNING: source service from package or project will not be executed. This
not be the same build as on server!
Building libyami-utils.spec for openSUSE_Tumbleweed/x86_64
Getting buildinfo from server and store to /home/seanvk/dev/obs/home:seanvk/
Getting buildconfig from server and store to /home/seanvk/dev/obs/home:seanvk/
buildinfo is broken... it says:
unresolvable: nothing provides libyami
nothing provides libyami = 1.1.0 needed by libyami-devel

Any further suggestions, much appreciated.

This has nothing to do with the link, but that your library package is call
and your -devel package requires libyami .


Adrian Schroeter
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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