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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] RPM naming conventions in OBS
AFAIK there is no way to search for filenames in packages if they are
not explicitly listed as Provides: or currently installed. But tools
like this are available on other distros (apt-file), see also this

On 12/15/2016 05:01 PM, Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
I have a script that makes a list of all the RPMs that must be
installed to satisfy a directory full of binary programs. The RPMs are
already installed. The purpose of the script is to get the list of
RPMs so they can easily be installed on a different system.

I have no trouble finding the name of the RPM with the needed libraries.

For example,

rpm -q --queryformat "%{NAME}\n" --whatprovides /usr/lib/



So, "zypper in libsndfile1" does the deed.

My problem is when I want to install the -devel package as well. In
this case, I need to install libsndfile-devel. Note the missing '1' in
the name.

My question is, given that I know the name of the library RPM, how can
I derive the name of the -devel package? Sometimes it is just to add
-devel to the name. Sometimes not.

Is there some brilliant way to do this reliably?

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