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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Confused package scheduler
On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 04:50:36PM +0200, Marcus Klein wrote:
What do you mean by "higher path"? The list in the project dependencies?
<repository name="DebianJessie">
<path project="UI-1.0.1" repository="DebianJessie"/>
<path project="extension-1.0.0" repository="DebianJessie"/>
We defined the path for version 1.0.1 of UI and base first. Is this correct?

I think you want to add
<path project="base-1.0.1" repository="DebianJessie"/>
right after the UI path.

To give you complete freedom over the repository setup, OBS only
"expands" the last component of a path. So with the current setup
you get:
base-1.0.0 (expanded from extension-1.0.0)

Note that the repos are strictly priorized, if a package is in
multiple repos, only the first one is used and all the others are
excluded. A versioned dependency does not change this, you will
just get a "nothing provides" if you try to select an excluded package.

(You can play tricks with aggregates if you need to workaround this
for special cases.)


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