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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Submit Package link produces 404
Yes, assuming we're talking about the same link, it is an HTML link, and thus
supports a new browser tab; here's the code for that part of the page
( (I've
replaced angle brackets with parentheses to prevent HTML interpretation or
blanking here):

(a data-remote="true"
title="Submit package" class="icons-package_go" alt="Submit package"
/) Submit package(/a)

Sometimes, a new tab is not available from a link. For example, my Yahoo email
has a "Compose" link that's like that. But in that case context-clicking does
not mislead me by offering a new tab. In that case, I don't get an error
message. So something else caused the 404 or else the page was redesigned since
you saw the source code.

Designing a link to operate contrary to normal expectations is probably not a
good idea in terms of user interface design, especially if the result is to
generate a dead end (e.g., 404-403) that doesn't point the user to a solution.
In this case, it looks like that design was not implemented or was replaced.

By the way, all of your messages in this thread arrive once at the archive but
twice at my email address and not always simultaneously, although I think no
one else's does. Not an important problem for me but maybe not helpful for
everyone. My guess is you're not sending twice but the mailing list server is.
If you're not getting doubles from me in this thread, then it's limited to the
thread and to you as poster.
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