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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Set up custom apt DoD repository on OBS
On Sun, Jul 10, 2016 at 08:13:01PM -0400, Lorenzo Faletra wrote:
On the other side the DoD system seemed to be the perfect solution for
us, but when i try to create a DoD repo i can't specify the distro name
(folder inside /dists), i can't specify archive areas (main, contrib or
non-free) etc, i can only specify a mirror url, a master url, a
certificate, an arch filter (what is it meant to do?) and some useful
certificates, but no way to specify the useful data to set up a
standardized debian repository.

The syntax is a bit obscure, it is:


It's the same syntax as used in the "build" package, see below.

now, here it is my question:

How can i set up a DoD repository that uses
"" as a mirror, "testing" as distribution
release, and "main contrib non-free" as archive areas?,contrib,non-free

If i can't do that, how can i contribute to the OBS development to make
it more aligned to the debian standards?

You can either send mails to this list or open issues on github

And where can i find the source
code which handles the workers used to build debian based packages?

The source/deb package download is done by the bs_worker script from
open-build-service, but the actual build is done with the standalone
"build" package:

It currently supports both a somewhat hacky setup of the build
environment and "debootstrap" as build engine. But Jan Blunck
from Infradead is working on making it always use debootstap.


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