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[opensuse-buildservice] Set up custom apt DoD repository on OBS
Hello, i am Lorenzo Faletra and i am new here

I work as a developer for and we are planning to use
OBS as our build system, but we are facing some not well documented

our APT repository is and we have many custom
packages plus packages imported from debian testing and unstable, so the
debian 8 template available from is completely
useless for us.

According to all the fragments of documentation that are disseminated
between the opensuse docs, the openbuildservice docs and some stuff on
the web, i have seen that in order to set up a new distribution template
i need to import in a quite non-standard way all the core packages
inside a folder, it is of course difficult for us to unmount our
repository, take all our deb packages (200GB of files), put all together
in a folder, track all of them, remove the old ones and replace them
with the updated ones every time we make an update etc....

On the other side the DoD system seemed to be the perfect solution for
us, but when i try to create a DoD repo i can't specify the distro name
(folder inside /dists), i can't specify archive areas (main, contrib or
non-free) etc, i can only specify a mirror url, a master url, a
certificate, an arch filter (what is it meant to do?) and some useful
certificates, but no way to specify the useful data to set up a
standardized debian repository.

I have seen on some screenshots that i should use in order to use the main
archive, but if i do it, the resulting distribution will be completely
useless and unable to be used for the build system.

now, here it is my question:

How can i set up a DoD repository that uses
"" as a mirror, "testing" as distribution
release, and "main contrib non-free" as archive areas?

If i can't do that, how can i contribute to the OBS development to make
it more aligned to the debian standards? And where can i find the source
code which handles the workers used to build debian based packages?

Thanks for your help in advance

Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra (EclipseSpark)

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