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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] DoD rpm download blocked
On Thu, Jul 07, 2016 at 02:31:32PM +0200, Eike Waldt wrote:
Yes, I see these messages:

took 0 seconds to check the packages
requesting 3 dod packages from DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-HA/x86_64
requesting 16 dod packages from DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-SDK/x86_64
requesting 2 dod packages from DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-WE/x86_64
requesting 624 dod packages from

The package numbers are counting down in the logs.

I even see now the repos and the packages that are pulled from them (for
ALL repos):

response from RPC dodfetch/DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-WE/x86_64
event scanrepo DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3 SLE-WE x86_64
reading packages of repository DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-WE
scanning repo DoD-SLE-12-SP2-beta3/SLE-WE...
(dirty: 2)

I took the messages from the RPC response and did a "find" in
/srv/obs/build/$Project/$repo/x86_64/:full and found all the rpm
packages that were mentioned.

It seems to me, that the download itself is working, but no notification
about that is passed to the build process.
Or the package list mentioned in the RPC response in not complete.

Well, the download somewhat works, as you can see by the scanrepo
event (dirty: 2 means that two rpms were downloaded).

The scanrepo event itself should make the scheduler look at your
SLES12SP2beta3 project again, isn't that the case?

It works like this:

1) scheduler detects that some rpms need to be downloaded
scheduler log: blocked: downloading XX dod packages

2) scheduler issues a dodfetch request to the reposerver
scheduler log: requesting XXX dod packages from XXX

3) the repo server does the download
reposerver log: GET /build/.../_repository?view=binaryversions&binary=...
You can check the progress with the bs_serverstatus command:
cd /usr/lib/obs/server
./bs_serverstatus /srv/obs/run/bs_repserver.ajax

4) after the download, the dodfetch request returns
scheduler log: response from RPC dodfetch/...
event schanrepo ...

5) all the projects that "use" the repo are automatically rechecked
you should see the number in the "todo low next" queue increase.
That's the fourth number in the "looking at ..." lines. E.g.
looking at high prio science/openSUSE_13.2 (22/71/2786/1542/11450)
todo high --^
todo med --^
todo low --^
todo low next --^
total number of repos --^


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