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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] VirtualBox builds failing
On 07/05/2016 12:55 AM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Montag, 4. Juli 2016, 19:38:24 CEST wrote Adrian Schröter:
On Montag, 4. Juli 2016, 12:28:51 CEST wrote Larry Finger:
On 07/04/2016 12:09 PM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Montag, 4. Juli 2016, 12:04:48 CEST wrote Larry Finger:
On 07/04/2016 01:25 AM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016, 18:28:34 CEST wrote Larry Finger:
My OBS builds of VirtualBox at openSUSE:Factory are failing with the following:

[ 1243s] OTHER/virtualbox-rpmlintrc
[ 1243s] OTHER/virtualbox.cpio.rsasign
[ 1243s] OTHER/_statistics
could not retrieve ssl certificate: 400 remote error: problems making
Certificate Request

gave up after 9 failed build attempts...

As far as I know, nothing has changed in the spec file that could cause this
problem. In fact, the same arrangement builds for the openSUSE:Leap:42.2, and
openSUSE:Leap:42.1:Update branches.

What can I do?

You don't speak about the build in openSUSE:Factory, right? (it is building

My first guess is that you build in a project with a too old signing key, so the
SSL certificate for kernel modules for secure boot can be created.

osc signkey --create $YOUR_PROJECT

That command did not fix the problem. I'm still getting the messages.

Can you please provide some pointers where you build?

My project is home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox. The key creation
command was "osc signkey --ssl home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization". Using
home:lwfinger as the project failed. From my local directory, the "osc build"
works OK, but the builds triggered by "osc ci" fail with the SSL message.
Strangely, the "osc r" command shows that everything succeeded. A representative
build log is at

k, this seems to be (a cosmetic) failure in the routing which requests the build
log. It is not really part of the build log and your job did succeed for real.

To be exact, this is the secound signing build job, not the build itself.

Zhe on-the-fly ssl certificate creation is failing,
because the project name is part of the key. Works for GPG, but not SSL.
We need to limit the length there..

As a workaround do this:

osc signkey --create home:lwfinger
osc signkey --delete
osc rebuild home:lwfinger:branches:home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization

The key stuff failed as follows:

finger@linux-1t8h:~/home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox> osc signkey --create home:lwfinger
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
finger@linux-1t8h:~/home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox> osc signkey --delete home:lwfinger:branches:home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
No permission to delete public key for project 'home:lwfinger:branches:home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization'. Either maintainer permissions by upper project or admin permissions is needed.
finger@linux-1t8h:~/home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization/virtualbox> osc rebuild home:lwfinger:branches:home:lwfinger:branches:Virtualization virtualbox


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