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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Bootstrapping OBS
Hi Erico,

Am 10.05.2016 um 21:25 schrieb Erico Mendonca:
Hello all,

I’m installing a private instance of OBS for a customer, and so far I managed
to bring up all the services (including the frontend). However, I’m not
having much success on bootstrapping it.

After creating an empty SUSE:SLE-12-SP1:GA project, added a project config
(pulled from the corresponding project on, I tried two
approaches to bootstrapping it:

1) created a “standard” x86_64 DoD repository via the UI, pointing the URL to
a local HTTP server hosting the installation image for SLES 12 SP1. I noticed
errors on the logs trying to download “repodata”. Ok, it expects a proper
repository created by createrepo, which is not the case. Let’s try something

2) copied all the binary RPMs to a staging area and proceeded as noted on the
documentation (stop the scheduler and move everything to the corresponding
:full directory, each package renamed to just “.rpm” without a version). Even
though a :full.solv file was created after a while, I still see no packages
at all for the project.

What am I missing here?

Nothing I think, you simple do not see these build repositories, since
they do not have any source packages.

Here is what I'm doing on sites which cannot use interconnect or want
local build repositories:

I create the build project as you did, use "standard" as repository
name, add the project config.
Note that SLE12-SP1 also need the SLE12 project config.

Then I populate the /srv/obs/build/DISTRI/standard/x86_64/:full
directory with symlinks to the loop mounted install media, with SLE you
also need the SDK and maybe addons, you can also use symlinks to a local
SMT if you have one.
Here is no need to strip the version info.
You need to add x86_64 RPMs and the noarch RPMS here.
Make sure the full path is owned by obsrun:obsrun and writable (if not
the scheduler will crash).
Then run
obs_admin --rescan-repository DISTRI standard x86_64

This will create the :full.solv file and now you can add this Project as
build target to your local projects via the advanced interface in the GUI.


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