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[opensuse-buildservice] RFC: slow ftp product builds

I'm looking for a solution to fix a slow ftp tree build, it takes
about 5 hours to build it. It is fine to wait, but in Tumbleweed days
where many snapshots released during the week this is rather slow.

We build medias and ftp on special "local" arch, which have special
workers for it. x86 got fancy machines, while "Ports" have to share a
single machine.

Here are the numbers to compare:
2016-04-18 17:11:19 _product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-ppc64_ppc64le
meta change succeeded 4h 51m 41s build36:1

2016-04-17 20:59:09 _product:openSUSE-ftp-ftp-i586_x86_64
source change succeeded 39m 47s typhoon1:1

Building on local have other disadvantages, like we depend on x86 to
get kiwi build env since local is x86 [1]. And while we were waiting
for x86 kiwi to finish build, x86 product is passed to openQA already,
since this moment a new source checking round might happen, which
brings me to the beginning of the loop (build packages, wait for kiwi,
start building product).

Having multiple machines for local will not help IMO, we can't predict
where build will be scheduled, on a host with cache or not.

There is an other option, to build ftp on native arch, basically bring
your own product builder. But then tooling around Tumbleweed assumes
products to work with are in 'local' architecture.

Given Ports family is growing (zSystems and possible Leap i586), all
ports architectures will benefit from it.


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