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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] [x86_64] Extra-slow signing and publishing ...
On Mittwoch, 2. März 2016, 08:33:53 wrote David Haller:

I'm used to wait for packages to build, but waiting _long_ for signing
and publishing used to be rather unusual. In the last days/couple
weeks, the latter has become very slow, at least, weirdly, only for
x86_64... Most recent example the update to openssl-1.0.2g in my home-repo:

We are currently at the IO limits in the storage system of the main backend
For that reason the schedulers can get into a hughe backlog. Atm.
there are > 300 repositories with finished build results which
needs recalculation. But I have also seen a queue of > 2000 this week

The load on the main backends increase lately for a number of reasons,
esp. also by the increased number of capable build hosts.

Fetching the job, assigning for a sign job and esp. creating the
repositories are local operations on the backend.

We are about to seperate the storage system of the main projects
and the home projects in the hope that this gives us enough additional
IO bandwidth to keep up again with the build results.

However, it is unlikely that we will finish that this week.

i586 build finished 2016-03-01 16:05:30 +0100 [1] and was signed and
published soonish little (10, 20min?) later [2], normal soonish later.

x86_64 build finished 2016-03-01 16:20:49 +0100 [3], signing took
_hours_ (at _least_ 4, IIRC 8 or so) and it has not been published yet
(at 2016-03-02 08:32:00 +0100).

What's the delay? Esp. just for one arch when builds finish almost
simultanously? How come signing and publishing could be
arch-dependent? Yes, I've seen this before these days, always with
x86_64, IIRC.

x86_64 scheduler has to manage way more repositories than the ones
of the more obscure architectures.

-dnh, doing a local build now, but that won't help others






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