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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Building against RHEL: What is it good for, if CentOS builds work and RHEL is missing al devel packages...
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Am 19.12.15 schrieb Stanislav Baiduzhyi:

Yup, got the same problem. The issue is, lots of devel packages
for RHEL are coming in Supplementary or Optional subscription
channels (because they have lower level of support), so you need
actual RHEL subscription to use them .

That was what I found out, but I wanted to have a confirmation if
this is still the case. If no, they could be added. If no, I
question the existence of RHEL on the OBS... ;-)

So I ended up building for CentOS only, if RHEL users will not be
satisfied - they are free to rebuild it on their own. I guess
that you can add those subscriptions channel when hosting your
own instance of OBS and having your own RHEL subscription, but
never actually tried that.

That could actually be a valid point for the existence of RHEL on
OBS. That make it easier to build for RHEL on a private OBS
instance. But otherwise, if you need to import the
Optional/Supplementary packages, it would not be to hard to import
the RHEL base packages, I guess.

So the question remains, what is RHEL build target good for?


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