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[opensuse-buildservice] Building against RHEL: What is it good for, if CentOS builds work and RHEL is missing al devel packages...
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Hi everyone,

as I was trying around with builds for CentOS, I was naive enough to
think building for RHEL should work out of the box, as CentOS and
RHEL are (nearly) the same. Boy, was I wrong... ;-)

I found an older mail, saying that the RHEL devel packages can not
be imported on OBS. It seems this is still the case, which leads to
lots and lots of missing dependencies for the builds, which build
fine for CentOS.

So, my question is:

What is the RHEL build target good for? If the CentOS builds work
out of the box on a RHEL machine, it seems like a waste of build
time and space.

On the other hand, if I have to build all needed devel packages (and
the dependencies of these packages and the dependencies of the
dependencies...) just to achieve the same results as with CentOS, it
seems rather pointless to import RHEL at all.

What important point am I missing?

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