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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: 'kvm_rng_device' is not a valid device model name
Dinar Valeev <dinarv@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

We have Power workers failing constantly with 'kvm_rng_device' is not
a valid device model name, this is a result of part of qemu command:
-object rng-random,filename=/dev/hwrng,id=rng0 -device kv

I wonder why $kvm_rng_device [1] is not expanded here?


This is not the file that is distributed by backend-opensuse. The real
file has the following difference:

@@ -189,11 +189,8 @@
if test -c /dev/hwrng &&
test -f /sys/class/misc/hw_random/rng_current &&
test "$(cat /sys/class/misc/hw_random/rng_current)" != none; then
- rng_dev="/dev/hwrng"
- else
- rng_dev="/dev/random"
+ kvm_options="$kvm_options -object
rng-random,filename=/dev/hwrng,id=rng0 -device kvm_rng_device,rng=rng0"
- kvm_options="$kvm_options -object rng-random,filename=$rng_dev,id=rng0
-device $kvm_rng_device,rng=rng0"


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