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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: SUSE:SLE-12:Update: unresolvable: nothing provides ceph = 0.80.8-2.3 needed by ceph-devel
  • From: Jörg Steffens <joerg.steffens@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 19:40:29 +0100
  • Message-id: <n2l52u$620$>
Something is still broken with (CEPH) update packages in the
SUSE:SLE-12:Update repository.

SUSE:SLE-12:Update seems to contain only ceph-devel = 0.80.8-2.3 from
SLE-12-SDK-UPDATE, which have broken dependencies (also when trying to
install it directly on a SLES-12 system).

When adding the updated version ceph-devel = 0.80.9-5.1 to a repository
with higher priority on our local build service instance, the dependency
error changed to the following unresolvable packages:


which are all part of SLE-12-SERVER-UPDATE.

Adding these packages also on our local build service instance, it works.

Of course, building these packages on is still not


Am 16.11.2015 um 15:32 schrieb Jörg Steffens:
I'm trying to build a package for SLES12 with a build dependency to

My project configuration looks like this:

<repository name="SLE_12">
<path project="SUSE:SLE-12:Update" repository="standard"/>
<path project="SUSE:SLE-12:GA" repository="standard"/>

However, I get the error:

$ osc build
Building ... for SLE_12/x86_64
buildinfo is broken... it says:
unresolvable: nothing provides ceph = 0.80.8-2.3 needed by ceph-devel

Building only against "SUSE:SLE-12:GA" does not change the situation.

Building on a SLES12 system (without OBS) with SLES12 SDK included,
does work.

Am I using the wrong project configuration or are there packages
missing in OBS for SLES12?


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