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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] python 3.5 build problems in OBS
On Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015, 19:48:28 CEST wrote jan matejek:

so i've been researching the problems related to getrandom() and python
3.5 all week (see bsc#949816 [1] for details).

TL;DR: python switched from reading /dev/urandom directly to calling the
new syscall getrandom(). For this to work, you need to collect 128 bits
of true entropy first. Buildservice VMs don't have entropy.
Therefore, most builds depending on python 3.5 will simply hang and wait
to be killed by the scheduler many hours later.

In addition, Adrian suggested that actually *using* randomness in the
build is a bad idea because then the build is not reproducible. We
suppose that packages don't need it for anything, but there's a lot of
packages and i'd be surprised if none of them did something weird...

Now, I have a package that, when present, solves both problems at once.
It sets PYTHONHASHSEED to 0, to disable python's hash randomization, and
monkey-patches os.urandom() to return a string of zero bytes instead of
accessing urandom.

My question is, how to get this package to be used during all builds
that depend on python 3.5?

one way would be to checkout for existens /.build . If this exists,
you are inside of an environment created by our build script.

At the moment, i added the package to d:l:python3 project (see [2]), and
I want to require it through prjconf for all builds.

Is this a good idea? Would it be applicable to Factory? Is there a
better way to accomplish what i'm trying to do (that is, modify python's
environment specifically for buildservice builds)?




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