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[opensuse-buildservice] questions about rebuild centos7 with openbuild service

I am rebuilding centos7 using a local openbuild service server,
which version is 2.6.2. Both server and worker are sles11 sp3.

First, I create a project names CentOS7, then put the content
below to Meta sheet through web page.

<repository name="standard">

Second, I connect the server, find the project repos, then create
":full" directory under x86_64 and i686 folder. After that, I copy
all x86_64 and noarch rpm packages to x86_64/:full, i686 and noarch
rpm packages to i686/:full. These rpm packages are from

Third, create another project names test, in its Meta I add below
<repository name="standard">
<path project="CentOS7" repository="standard"/>

Here comes my questions.
1. I uploaded gcc's source, but it can't be built.
In x86_64 architecture the status is unresolvable with hint
"nothing provides /usr/bin/pod2man, nothing provides /lib/,
nothing provides /usr/lib/, nothing provides /lib64/,
nothing provides /usr/lib64/"

gcc.spec has BuildRequires that directly point to file like below
BuildRequires: /lib/ /usr/lib/ /lib64/

but openbuild service looks like can't analysis this kind BuildRequires, so I
changed gcc.spec into
BuildRequires: glibc(x86-64) glibc(x86-32)

then hint changed into "nothing provides /usr/bin/pod2man, nothing provides
looks like it can't find glibc-2.17-55.el7.i686.rpm which provides

How can I find 32bit BuildRequires while build x86_64 rpm packages?

2. I uploaded glibc's source, x86_64 architecture was ok but can't build i686
The status was also unresolvable, the hint is
"nothing provides gcc>=3.2 ………………"

seems build glibc.i686 rpm need gcc.i686, but actually, use gcc.x86_64 with
option -m32
can build 32bit program, also "rpmbuild --target i686 glibc.spec" can
generate glibc's
i686 rpm on centos.

How can I cross build i686 package using x86_64 enviroment?

Anyone can help?
Thank you

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