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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] submitting a _link
On Montag, 11. Mai 2015, 21:04:16 wrote Olaf Hering:
On Mon, May 11, Adrian Schröter wrote:

If you can reproduce it in build.o.o I will have a look there.

olaf@bax:~/work/obs/home:olh:targetcli/build-compare $ obs sr --no-update
--update-link -m
Warning: failed to fetch meta data for 'devel:languages:ocaml' package
'build-compare' (new package?)
created request id 306417
olaf@bax:~/work/obs/home:olh:targetcli/build-compare $ cd
olaf@bax:~/work/obs/devel:languages:ocaml $ obs up -u
checking out new package build-compare
A build-compare
A build-compare/COPYING
A build-compare/build-compare.changes
A build-compare/build-compare.spec
A build-compare/
A build-compare/
A build-compare/
A build-compare/
At revision 1.
olaf@bax:~/work/obs/devel:languages:ocaml $

I was expecting a _link in build-compare

The source package did not contain a link.

All what updatelink is doing is transfering the sources
in an unexpanded form to the target.

So, you need to create the link you want to have already
in your source package.


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