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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: questions re: creating & building minimal project/spec file

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015, at 01:54 PM, Dmitriy Perlow wrote:
In particular, are lsb namespaces guidelines and registration, per
LANANA ( mandated?

I see it like


Where packagename is upstream name or executable name if there is only
one. Lots of errors and warnings are got usually by new packager, so you
could just read and resolve them.

Yes, I've seen those already.

My understanding was that they speak only to naming withing the
home:<user>:etc. hierarchy, but do NOT address namespacing of parallel pkg
installs. Perhaps I need to re-read @ those links ...

Eg, sticking with my current test case, distribution installs

pkg == openssl

that gets installed into system-specified, standard locations.

I can certainly build & install an unpackaged openssl instance into any
non-system location, external to the rpm build system, with no ill effects. I
do this regularly.

However, If I intend to build/pkg my own instance of openssl.rpm -- with NON
SYSTEM install location (e.g., /opt/ssl) I don't think it's wise to name the
pkg openssl.

Many repos -- including maintenance and update -- of course provide alternate
installs for pkgs -- but the majority provide pkg.rpms that override/overwrite
the current pkg's system-install. You don't end up with a 2-instance, parallel

My consideration of the separate pkg namespace is for the specific case of
multiple instances. Probably also need to think about the "Provides:" names as

NB! Python and other languages require different name scheme.

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