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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: questions re: creating & building minimal project/spec file

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015, at 01:21 PM, Dmitriy Perlow wrote:
In the openssl.spec is it sufficient to 'require cryptdev', so that the
LOCAL-to-the-subproject pkg is always used/referenced?

It should be sufficient. But may be cryptodev-devel?..

Good point. Thanks.

I'm also considering separately namespacing my pkgs. They'll sometimes be
parallel-installed with similar pkgs from distibution.

In my case, e.g., then

pkg name == pngd-openssl

rather than

pkg name == openssl

On a local obs-instance I can of course do what I choose. I don't yet know
what policy, if any, exists on online-OBS.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions on namespacing at @obs? Iiuc,
publishing within a home:<user> project serves as sufficient isolation -- with
appropriate warnings -- from mistaken public use, but does not necessarily
cleanly avoid collisions when used.

In particular, are lsb namespaces guidelines and registration, per LANANA
( mandated?

What's the syntax in an osc build project to force preference of a pkg
dep from a different/specific repo?

The different build target was added to your home subproject not a 13.2
target extension. So you should build against Kernel_stable_standard not
openSUSE_13.2 or merge them at f.e.:
<repository name="openSUSE_13.2">
<path project="Kernel:stable" repository="standard"/>
<path project="openSUSE:13.2" repository="standard"/>

Understood. Thanks.

I don't really remember if "openSUSE:13.2" has to be strictly at the bottom
of list.

Sounds like that implies a possible mechanism of prioritization by

Is there perhaps an equivalent to zypper's priority, allowing for discrete, per
repo, priority setting in a merged set of repositories to be used in a given
OBS project?
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