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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How does obs manage the packages and projects files in backend?
On Freitag, 3. April 2015, 17:22:40 wrote Zhangjian:
Hi, Adrian

I am try to refresh my memory, please correct me :p

1. source service on server mean that this service file is obs server?

not sure if I understand you, but any service in a _service file can be
configured to run local (osc) or remote on the OBS server by bs_service:

2. how does obs get the source if there is no source service in a project?
the source came from user commit?

yes, the sources are always hosted by bs_srcserver process. Sources commited
by the user, but also generated ones by the service server.

3. how does obs maintain the branch and link package in the same project when
using the source service in server side? and how about package cross the

service generated files are not taken from a linked package.

On 2015/4/2 0:57, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Mittwoch, 1. April 2015, 22:59:59 wrote Zhangjian:

On 2015/4/1 15:00, Adrian Schröter wrote:
On Dienstag, 31. März 2015, 22:37:11 wrote Rick Liu:
Hi Andrian,

When using source services (such as download_url or gbs),
are files (like _service:recompress:tar_scm:obs-build-20150320.tar.gz
brought in through source services) still stored under "/obs/sources"?
or only "_service" file itself stored under "obs/sources"?

source service generate files are committed in the same way as user
commits files.
To avoid conflicts these files have therefore the _service: prefix, which
not be modified directly by the user.

Also does "/obs/trees" store the md5sum record for only "_service" file
or "/obs/trees" also include the md5sum record for files that brought in
through source services, such as

/obs/trees contains all files. Most important ones are the ...-MD5SUMS
files, which
list the files which are part of a commit. This file contains the file
names and
their md5sums. And also the special /SERVICE tag refering to source
generated files.
how and where does obs store the project relative file? Sorry, I do not
have the obs server in my hand.

Which file do you mean? the project meta data?
Yes. prjconf for example.
It is also stored in the source repository, but the current version is also
placed inside the projects/ directory for fast access.

Can you give me some insight why this is important for you? Do you plan to
work on some code here? We could maybe share efforts, since we have also
git(/svn/..) mirroring on our agenda ...
Is there details about this plan?
I found an old GSoC project about this[1]. Is it the similar ideas?

it goes into that direction, yes. However, the concept was written from
a group which never followed up on it.




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On Samstag, 28. März 2015, 18:02:57 wrote Bamvor Jian Zhang:
Hi, guys

I am trying to build the internal build service as well as integrate
the build service with our development flow. Currently, our packages
are maintained in svn and git.
I want to learn that how does suse manage the packages and projects in
build service backend. E.g. What happened in obs server after osc
commit? I do not mean that how does the build service fetch the code
through service.

The only way to let OBS fetching sources are currently source services.
These are small modules which can either run on client or server side.

The source service server process is responsible to run them on server
You can find some bits of docu here:

And an example here:

This way works and can even be triggered without credentials, however it
stores for every commit a new tar ball. So not very optimized disk usage
wise. We want to improve that in future by mirroring git/svn/... and
create the tar ball during build time.

I heard from irc that suse use some sort of file based method to do
this. If it is true, where could I find feature lists and/or source

Not sure what you mean with "file based" here, the storage on the source



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