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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Fedora Update repos
On Freitag, 20. März 2015, 09:39:18 wrote Togan Muftuoglu:
I am providing git based rpms of darktable in my home home:toganm:photography.
The builds are for openSUSE and Fedora releases and they are used by darktable
users who want to stay uptodate with darktable git development. Using the
github authorization latest git based rpms are build which is awesome.

Recently, a fedora 21 user had an issue with the darktable rpm since it was
build with old libgphoto2 package and due to the updated version installed on
his system he has problems.

They did an incompatible lib update? Sounds like something what they
want to pull back ...

Is it possible to have the Fedora 21 Update repos available for build ?

Atm I do not want to do this, since it would be manual work for me.

However, we want to re-implement the Download-On-Demand support in OBS,
so we can support it after that.

Right now, your only option is to build the new libgphoto lib in your
project as well.

Error: Package: darktable-
Available: libgphoto2-2.5.3-9.fc21.x86_64 (fedora)
Installed: libgphoto2-2.5.7-1.fc21.x86_64 (@updates)
Error: Package: darktable-

The SUSE way would be to have both versions in parallel.
Do you have talked with them if they really wanted to break all existing
apps? Did they released them as well?

Available: libgphoto2-2.5.3-9.fc21.x86_64 (fedora)
Installed: libgphoto2-2.5.7-1.fc21.x86_64 (@updates)
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest


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