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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: bogofilter-sqlite
On Sun, 30 Nov 2014 09:29:19 -0500
Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Greg,

excuse me for not replying earlier...I hit some btrfs bug, lost my
parition, had to re-install, restore (older) backup from tapes,
re-configure eveything etc.

The trick with that approach as it relates to
bogofilter/bogofilter-sqlite is you have to have a separate package
for each, but the packages should be linked, not standalone.

OK. That's clear.

In this case bogofilter and bogofilter-sqlite would be linked

I did the above - linkpac and checkout stuff into my folder @localhost.

You would have 2 spec files: bogofilter.spec and

Now some questions:

1) is it required to use 'linkpac -C copy' when doing linkpac?

2) when I do linkpac, I end up with bogofilter.spec in the
bogofilter-sqlite folder, so I wonder how should I create
bogofilter-sqlite.spec, iow. is it actually just modified spec file
incorporating required changes to build it?

3) does bogofilter-sqlite folder contain both spec files?

The bogofilter package will automatically ignore the
bogofilter-sqlite.spec file and vice versa. (just be sure to name the
spec files after the project names; obs knows what to do from that

4) how should one do the build, by running 'osc build bogofilter.spec' ?

The packages share the tarball, patches, and changes file so no extra
maintenance is needed to maintain both. And it becomes obvious to
people modifying one of the spec files they need to modify both.

It sounds good.

Otoh, I was looking for help in IRC today (#opensuse-buildservice) and I
was suggested (darix provided example) to use update-alternatives
mechanism in order so that different users can use different packages
installed simultenaously and in that case binary would be
bogofilter-sqlite instead of default bogofilter?

Please, advice!



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