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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: bogofilter-sqlite

On November 30, 2014 6:49:56 AM EST, Martin Koegler <martin.koegler@xxxxxxxxx>
On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 09:49:47AM +0100, Gour wrote:
Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I did some rpm-related reading about subpackages and not being sure
whether I understood properly visited when I was told that
cannot have %build section per subpackage.

Moreover, I was suggested to create a new package and use 'Conflicts'
each one.

Remember, bogofilter and bogofilter-sqlite are actually *two
and conflicting packages despite using the same source since both
produce single executable, one uses (Berkeley) DB back-end and the
one uses Sqlite3.

So, considering the above do you still consider that subpackage is
appropriate solution and if yes, can you give some hint how to have
different invocation of ./configure for main and subpackage?

Look at the php5 package.

Subpackages will not work, if two (sub-)packages need to ship different
for one path. In that case, you could put two spec files in one OBS
packages (see binutils/gcc).


The kernel packages are another example of a single master package with
multiple spec files. The trick with that approach as it relates to
bogofilter/bogofilter-sqlite is you have to have a separate package for each,
but the packages should be linked, not standalone.

These are the kernel instructions I just copied from evergreen wiki page:

osc copypac Kernel:SLE11-SP1 kernel-source home:$login:Evergreen-11.1

for p in kernel-{default,desktop,pae,xen,vanilla,syms}; do
osc linkpac -C copy home:$login:Evergreen-11.1 kernel-source
home:$login:Evergreen-11.1 $p

In this case bogofilter and bogofilter-sqlite would be linked packages.

You would have 2 spec files: bogofilter.spec and bogofilter-sqlite.spec

The bogofilter package will automatically ignore the bogofilter-sqlite.spec
file and vice versa. (just be sure to name the spec files after the project
names; obs knows what to do from that point.)

The packages share the tarball, patches, and changes file so no extra
maintenance is needed to maintain both. And it becomes obvious to people
modifying one of the spec files they need to modify both.

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