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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] obs-service-$whatever tooling, packaging
# neuhauser@xxxxxxxxxx / 2014-10-29 15:38:04 +0100:
TL;DR: i'd like all obs-service-* tools to have a Makefile, and i'd
prefer if we could colocate all of them in a single git repository.

i want to package obs-service-* for ArchLinux. most of these tools have
no Makefile, and the build/install procedures are spelled out in their
specfiles in b.o.o. i set out to move the build scripts into Makefiles
since a) i don't fancy reproducing them in the prospective PKGBUILD
files and b) it would do zilch for the future Debian packager.

i've got some general +1s on this, except the future Debian packager
(jblunck) who's opposed the idea of putting all services in a single
repo. his preference is to put the common makefile in a separate
repo/tarball/package and have services BuildRequire it (jblunck, please
correct me if i'm misrepresenting your position). this is akin to
the autoconf/autoconf-archive separation, and while i personally find
the situation of

% wget -O $tarball $url
% tar xzf $tarball
% cd ${tarball%.tar.*}
% make anything
oops! no file...

somewhat fscked up, it's something i (think i) can live with.

what do other obs-service-* hackers think? is this the way to go?

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