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[opensuse-buildservice] build-compare forces republish for new commit and new rpm

I wonder why its important to republish a package which just had a new
commit. If the resulting binary package is identical there is no need to
republish, just because the rpm %RELEASE string happens to differ.

Similar for a new rpm version in the build tree. Why would that require
a republish of the entire tree? I mean the install stack has to cope
with old rpm packages anyway, no matter which version of rpm was used to
create these packages.

Thats the (untested) change I propose to handle both cases and leave the
previous package on the mirror:

--- (revision 222a61b1a991885b87a3e16ef27c22bb)
+++ (working copy)
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@

@@ -91,13 +91,6 @@
# Remember to quote the . which is in release
release1=`$RPM --qf "%{RELEASE}" "$oldrpm"|sed -e 's/\./\\\./g'`
release2=`$RPM --qf "%{RELEASE}" "$newrpm"|sed -e 's/\./\\\./g'`
- # This might happen with a forced rebuild of factory
- if [ "${release1%.*}" != "${release2%.*}" ] ; then
- echo "release prefix mismatch"
- if test -z "$check_all"; then
- return 1
- fi
- fi

check_provides $oldrpm $release1 > $file1
check_provides $newrpm $release2 > $file2

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