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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] systemd detection 1/2

On November 1, 2014 9:28:35 AM EDT, Hans Witvliet <suse@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

It seems that I hit a snag, that as a noob I am not able to solve.
Let me first explain that, until now, I only used the web-interface.

I cloned one of the existing packages with succes:

As you can see, they all build successfully, even 13.2 and sles12

So i dared to try to build the latest release (not to be found
else on the obs)

After some tweaking the spec-file, some build succeeded
But those using systemd failed.

Initially, i assumed PEBKAC, but next I checked upstream, and they said
if i used ./configure with --enable-systemd all should be fine
Next the dev's wrote because it used to work, and still works for
non-systemd, the original author of previous patch should correct it.

However, that author blames the build-environment, the obs.
I'll forward his conclusion next to the list...

From: Witvliet, J, DMO/OPS/I&S/HIN
Sent: woensdag 29 oktober 2014 17:41
To: 'openvpn-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: RE [Openvpn-users] 2.3.5 - systemd

Indeed, as David said: No package 'libsystemd-daemon' found
OTOH, it should be enabled… (excerpt from the spec:)

%configure \
--enable-iproute2 \
--enable-x509-alt-username \
--enable-password-save \
%if %{with_systemd}
--enable-systemd \
--enable-plugins \
--enable-plugin-down-root \
--enable-plugin-auth-pam \
--with-lzo-headers=%_includedir/lzo \

And it seems to be “turned-on”, in the log:
[ 46s] systemd-210-44.1
But some lines further:
[ 71s] checking for libsystemd... no

[ 71s] checking for libsystemd... no
[ 71s] configure: error: Package requirements (libsystemd-daemon)
not met:
[ 71s]
[ 71s] No package 'libsystemd-daemon' found

My first assumption was that on this particular build-node, system was
not found,
But that makes no sense, as 2.3.4 builds OK, with or without system on
OS12.2, OS12.3, OS13.1, OS13.2, OSFactory, SLES11SP3 and SLES12
Have to dive a bit deeper, I guess.


I don't know the exact package you need, but you need to install the right
systemd package before starting the build.

That is what "BuildRequires:" in the specfile is for.


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