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[opensuse-buildservice] obs-service-$whatever tooling, packaging

TL;DR: i'd like all obs-service-* tools to have a Makefile, and i'd
prefer if we could colocate all of them in a single git repository.

i want to package obs-service-* for ArchLinux. most of these tools have
no Makefile, and the build/install procedures are spelled out in their
specfiles in b.o.o. i set out to move the build scripts into Makefiles
since a) i don't fancy reproducing them in the prospective PKGBUILD
files and b) it would do zilch for the future Debian packager.

the various obs-service-* have quite simple and similar needs.
if i went with a simple Makefile per service we'd end up with the common
bits interspersed with the tool-specific ones, which i sense as fertile
ground for divergence. instead, i went for a common file
which is identical among the different tools, and a GNUmakefile file to
provide that with tool-specific bits.

this arrangement makes it a bit easier to keep the common bits identical
in the various tools, even though it obviously does nothing to remove
the duplication itself; i'm not sure what/if i can do with that.


local extras:

obs-service-download_files inspired the $(cachedirs)/install-cache code
which, on a closer look, should be local to that tool, AFAICT there's no
other consumer of that feature.


while the above solves the issues of packaging the various services for
different packaging formats and removes *some* of the pain of keeping
the machinery in sync, it does not solve the latter completely. even
with the syncing procedure as simple as copying a file around, i fully
expect the various copies of to diverge over time.
my suggestion here would be to mvoe all the obs-service-* tools into
a single repository to bring the number of copies down
to one. is there another way?

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