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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] conflict in linked foo.changes
On Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014, 13:48:31 wrote Brian K. White:

I link branched a package, and made a tiny change to .spec .

Everything was fine, it built, it didn't show the errors it shows now.

Then I wanted to SR the change back upstream. To do that I need to add
an entry in .changes

Editing the .changes, whether directly in the web ui or through osc vc &
ci, results in these errors and all builds saying broken as it shows now.

Why can I edit .spec without errors and not .changes?

you can edit both, but the sources changed also in the package where
you branched from. And the modifications in .changes do conflict.

How can I work on a linked package like this where I want the package to
be linked and still exist after the SR is accepted? (The SR has been
accepted btw, so really, the upstream files should match mine now anyways.)

the .changes file does differ a lot atm.

Am I supposed to delete and rebranch the package every time?
Or is there some osc procedure I should to to resolve this?

no, but since conflicts are introduced, you need to solve them.
Do that via

osc up
osc pull
edit $file
osc resvoled $file
osc ci


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