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[opensuse-buildservice] LDAP New Users
  • From: Matthew Drobnak <mdrobnak@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 16:54:34 +0000
  • Message-id: <1412096074.4068.2.camel@mdrobnak-MacBookAir>
Hi everyone,

In 2.3, if the person was in LDAP, but not in the DB, they got created
in the DB. Currently, I have a new user that's getting 500 errors:

[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.91] Looking for
username using ldap
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.92] Search for
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.93] Connecting to as 'uid=username,ou=people,dc=appnexus,dc=com'
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.95] Bound as
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.99] login success for
checking with ldap server
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.99]
User.find_by_login( username )
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:252.99] User Load
(0.6ms) SELECT `users`.* FROM `users` WHERE `users`.`login` =
'username' LIMIT 1
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.00] Configuration
Load (0.5ms) SELECT `configurations`.* FROM `configurations` ORDER BY
`configurations`.`id` ASC LIMIT 1
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.05] No user found in
database, creating
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.05] Email: email
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.05] Name : User Name
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.05] Rendered
status.xml.builder (1.3ms)
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.06] (0.2ms) BEGIN
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.16] (0.3ms)
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.16] Completed 500
Internal Server Error in 249ms
[10f46e82-d80f-4500-b64b-48117c4b2024] [26063:253.18]

I also see errors for:
[8a52faec-156e-4597-b52f-999f642ade0a] [26071:244.81] Someone tried to
register with "ldap_mode" turned on

Am I missing something here? This used to work.

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