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[opensuse-buildservice] How to bootstrap a new OBS (v2.5.4) server from scratch?
  • From: Dennis Olsson <Dennis.Olsson@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 14:34:54 +0000
  • Message-id: <D0E51D1E8B28194B9600BAEB803DEE622D639E67@Ceres.devolo.intern>
Hi there,

I need to setup our own OBS server (without internet access) for the
architectures Intel "x86_64" and ARM "armv5tel".

I am using the OBS Appliance v2.5.4.3 downloaded from: running as a VM in VirtualBox having 3
sda1 root 97GiB /
sda2 swap 2GiB swap

sdb1 LVM 25GiB vg:OBS:cache /var/cache/obs/worker
rest vg:OBS:worker_{root,swap}_[1..8]

sdc1 LVM 300 GiB vg:data:server /srv/obs

I have tried to make use of the following recipes to get such a stand-alone OBS
server up and running, but so far it has all been in vain (have tried multiple
times, but have not even been able to get a reproducible result each time so

1. From Open Build Service documentation, Chapter 5 Boot Strapping:

2. From the reference made in Chap. 5:

3. From the "README.SETUP" found in the source repository of OBS:

The recipes are either completely outdated (using references to non-existing
projects / domains (1 and 2)) or either referring to features in OBS that are
not available anymore (in OBS v2.5) or outdated versions of OBS altogether (2
and 3)!
E.g. the instructions described in "README.SETUP" in chapter 6 simply cannot
work anymore in OBS v2.5, because port 81 is not available anymore, just to
mention one among other things.

So, what does one have to do, to bootstrap an OBS v2.5.4 server for the Intel
"x86_64" and ARM "armv5tel" architectures from scratch?

For the bootstrapping itself, I would be able to have internet access, if need
be, but after having gotten the OBS server fully bootstrapped, it must be able
to continue to work without any internet access.

Many thanks in advance &

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, | Med venlig hilsen | Best regards,
Dennis Olsson
Dennis Olsson | devolo AG | Software Engineer & Developer
Charlottenburger Allee 60 | D-52068 Aachen | Germany
HRB 8931 Amtsgericht Aachen

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