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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Fwd: Services improvements
On Montag, 21. Juli 2014, 19:07:40 wrote Marc-Antoine ARNAUD:

First of all, I wan't to say thank to the team, it's a very helpfull
tool to create packages and to contribute to the open-source.
I'm currently working a lot with _service with github repository.
It work fine, but I wan't to know 3 thinks about that.

1. Do you have any scan mode for auto-detecting push on git repository ?
It can be an option for reduce builds... Or also can be scan each
day/week something like that.

only for gitgub via token triggers.

2. The second, as I using services, I push the file on a github
repository. But I neeed to copy it on my workspace.
Is it possible to give an URL to get _service, and after other files
on source code repository ?
Youo can refers to my tests here:

No sure what you mean exactly, but there is the extract_file service, which
fetches files, like .spec files out of the tar ball and place it next to the
tar ball. check this for an example

osc less OBS:Server:Unstable obs-server _service

3. Is it possible also to select tags on a github repo ?
Looking the libav project tags:
It can be great if the stable packages are based on releases presents
on repositories.
We require more on a developer repository for beta testing develop
branch. But also providing stable packages based on releases.

Just specify the branch or tag name as version.

In general, all services come with their documentation. The webui used to
show it, but atm the only chance to read it are the files itself, when
you install it. Check here for example:




Adrian Schroeter
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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