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[opensuse-buildservice] Fwd: Services improvements

First of all, I wan't to say thank to the team, it's a very helpfull
tool to create packages and to contribute to the open-source.
I'm currently working a lot with _service with github repository.
It work fine, but I wan't to know 3 thinks about that.

1. Do you have any scan mode for auto-detecting push on git repository ?
It can be an option for reduce builds... Or also can be scan each
day/week something like that.

2. The second, as I using services, I push the file on a github
repository. But I neeed to copy it on my workspace.
Is it possible to give an URL to get _service, and after other files
on source code repository ?
Youo can refers to my tests here:

3. Is it possible also to select tags on a github repo ?
Looking the libav project tags:
It can be great if the stable packages are based on releases presents
on repositories.
We require more on a developer repository for beta testing develop
branch. But also providing stable packages based on releases.

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