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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] What is the next step, for creating installation packages, on public openSUSE build service

Quoting Ioannis Vranos <ioannis.vranos@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi all,

I am new to public openSUSE build service.

I have written a program, called Broadband Download Testing Tool -, using Qt SDK, and I want
to create installation packages for various Linux distributions.

Currently, I am creating Debian packages, using a free in price
program, that I found on the web (Debcreator).

So far, I created a "package", on public openSUSE build service:

and I uploaded all the source code files there.

I am getting the error message "broken", in the build results of all
targeted Linux distributions.

I would like to know, what i have to do next, to correct the issue.


Welcome to the world of OBS! I'm sure, once it works for you, you won't have a chance but falling in love with it.

As for your issue: you seem to be missing a .spec file; this is, in essence, a 'recipe' for 'how to create a package' (for RPM based distributions).

As for the source upload: this will work, but in general it is more common to use a tarball (*.tar.xz or similar compressed) and have the .spec file decompress it. That's especially important when you want to use folder structures: OBS does not offer those capabilities.

I once wrote a guide to get people started on writing a .spec file; I hope it will be suitable to you as well:

Happy reading! And should you need more help, feel free to ask (altough: opensuse-packaging might be a more appropriate mailinglist, as your question so far is less 'build service' centric than packaging relate).

Best regards,
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