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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Stuck or very long running build jobs.
On Samstag, 28. Juni 2014, 15:56:41 wrote doiggl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
some questions:

- Any way to do something about Stuck or very long running build job, eg
speed them up, or get them to complete in a smaller amount of time ?

there is no generic answer, since there can be many reasons for that
- build host has just hardware problems and is slowing down therefore
(our watcher is hopefully detecting this at some point and restarts the job)
- not enough memory, too much swapping
again watcher/worker shall detect this at some point of time. But a build
constraint would avoid that it happens again.
- it is just a large job. again, a constraint can avoid that it gets assigned
on a slow host.

- Is there a way to identify packages Which are blocking the other
packages from being built, and processing them next , so it frees up the
other waiting packages so they can build ?.

The worker will kill the job at some point of time.
And the dispatcher will not assign them soon again, because they got a penalty
due to their long build time.

Cheers Glenn


build40 (x86_64)
openSUSE Build Service > Projects > home:cornell_vrdc > libatlas3 > Build

[64937s] nb= 72, mu= 11, nu= 28, ku= 1, MACC=1, lat=10, mf=1118.98
[64937s] nb= 72, mu= 23, nu= 12, ku= 1, MACC=1, lat=10, mf=1282.60
[64937s] nb= 72, mu= 12, nu= 23, ku= 1, MACC=1, lat=10, mf=1096.42
[64937s] nb= 72, mu= 20, nu= 13, ku= 1, MACC=1, lat=10, mf=1270.61
[64937s] nb= 72, mu= 13, nu= 20, ku= 1, MACC=1, lat=10, mf=1096.42
[67193s] == ==== ==== ==== ============
[67193s] Y DEF 8 4 328.65
[67193s] Y 64 8 4 328.65
[67193s] Y 256 8 4 328.65
[67193s] Y 192 8 4 328.65
[67193s] Y 0 8 4 328.65
[67193s] DEFAULT imf=0 YDISTANCE IS BEST (328.65)

64937 /3600 seconds greater than 18.03 hours processing time if the maths
are correct.


Adrian Schroeter
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

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(AG Nürnberg)
Maxfeldstraße 5
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