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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] obs 2.5.1 as local installation - a first glance
On Dienstag, 22. April 2014, 10:47:56 wrote Stefan Botter:
Hi all,

after updating my two instances (my university's build server and PMBS)
here is my first impression:

The update went more or less smooth.
+ with 2.5.1 the db update runs through without any error - thank you,
- README.UPDATERS still has the task to db:migrate the webui DB, which
does not exist anymore (bee github #650)

dropped now.

- the search in the web frontend does not work, thinking sphinx seems
not being able to talk to the database

If you have the config/production.sphinx.conf file, a simple

rake ts:index ts:start

should index and start the searchd . The original idea was that clockworkd
is starting it ....

- the system is catastrophically slow, and I mean "slow" with a
capital "S"!
Compared with the performance of 2.4.6 it seems to need the triple
amount of CPU, and four times disk IO - these data come from PMBS.

Do you speak about api, scheduler, worker or what ?

Is there someone, who has tried to downgrade to 2.4.6 again, and is
this possible at all, apart from replaying a backup?

I doubt that the db rollback will work that far....


Adrian Schroeter
email: adrian@xxxxxxx

SUSE LINUX GmbH, GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer, HRB 21284
(AG Nürnberg)
Maxfeldstraße 5
90409 Nürnberg

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