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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Changing the default count of displayed packages in the webui
Hey again,

Am 08.04.2014 08:10, schrieb Karsten Keil:
Hey Henne,

Am 07.04.2014 13:11, schrieb Henne Vogelsang:

On 04.04.2014 16:53, Karsten Keil wrote:

I'm searching for a configuration

This isn't configurable.

or if not available a place in the
source code to change the default count (currently 25) of displayed
packages of a project in the webui (OBS version 2.4).

- renderPackagesTable(packages);
+ renderPackagesTable(packages, 100);

How could I miss this in my search ? - I really do not know.

Seems I did not oversaw it in my experiments some days ago, this change
does not work.
I still get the same 25 entry display for a project with 144 packages
(I restarted the server). Somehow it seems that the parameter is ignored
in this case.

Since you pointed me to this place as well I was digging a little deeper
in this issue and found it:

renderPackagesTable() does ignore the length parameter, it does not
set "iDisplayLength": length as the other functions in projects.js

--- a/src/webui/app/assets/javascripts/project.js
+++ b/src/webui/app/assets/javascripts/project.js
- } ]
+ } ],
+ "iDisplayLength": length

This together with the above change do it for me.

Note: this changed need to be in the source code, since the javascript
stuff gets compiled.

I created a pull request for this change (in branch 2.4; only fixing
the javascript function).


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