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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Open Build Service 2.5 Release Candidate
Hello obs

On Mar 12, 2014, at 4:34 AM, Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Open Build Service 2.5 Release Candidate is out there.

It is tagged as version 2.4.98 and everything except the version
number is considered to be final.

installed the server using the Portal documentation

sda raid 1 - xzcat > /dev/sda from w/in booted rescue session

sdb raid 6 - pvcreate /dev/sdb1 - vgcreate OBS /dev/sdb1

had to play some device name games to get the DHCP working on 1st boot (eth0 ->
ens2f0 for ifcfg- and a udev rule)

boot's and tells me all is well at prompt.

browse to https://<fqdn>/ and see:

Web application could not be started
An error occurred while starting up the preloader. It exited before signalling
successful startup back to Phusion Passenger. Please read this article for more
information about this problem.
Raw process output:

WARN: Unresolved specs during Gem::Specification.reset:
rake (>= 0.8.1)
WARN: Clearing out unresolved specs.
Please report a bug if this causes problems.
`initialize': No such file or directory -
"/tmp/passenger.1.0.3898/generation-1/backends/preloader.9723" (Errno::ENOENT)

Application root
Environment (value of RAILS_ENV, RACK_ENV, WSGI_ENV and PASSENGER_ENV)
Ruby interpreter command


User and groups

uid=30(wwwrun) gid=8(www) groups=8(www)

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