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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] linking with X11 in OBS
Am 10.03.2014 20:04, schrieb Jan Engelhardt:

So whenever someone happens to have PBC installed, the behavior of
ld suddenly changes. I would say that is "spooky action at a distance",
Actually I used to block post-build-checks and other build tools from
FTP repo to avoid people even trying - but people want them to use
other tools to build our packages, so they are there. But still the
chances that random people install random packages and wonder about
random bugs are slim enough to warrant the behaviour.

or the antithesis to "principle of least surprise". It would be good
to have SUSE_ASNEEDED -- whichever value (unset|1) it will attain --
to be consistent across both the default system and the build setup.

It's a feature that our packages default to as-needed to avoid
unnecessary dependencies. And it's a feature that our binutils behave
like everyone else's binutils if you compile your own software. And
I agree these features don't go together without problems - but we live
with the current problem long enough not to question the solution.

Greetings, Stephan

Ma muaß weiterkämpfen, kämpfen bis zum Umfalln, a wenn die
ganze Welt an Arsch offen hat, oder grad deswegn.
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